Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Oral Torah- Proving Validity & How It Works Part 1

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This week we bring you Part 1 of a discussion about the Oral Torah. We begin by discussing the name, "Back of the Beis". Then we begin by explaining exactly how the Oral Torah was given over (2:30), the concept of a 'living Torah (7 minutes), the structure of the Oral Torah (13 minutes), exactly what it means when we say it was "oral" (24 minutes), the concept of a 'halacha l'moshe m'sinai' (34 minutes), references within the Written Torah (39 minutes), proofs to the validity of the Oral Torah (44 minutes), the reality of the criminal justice system in classical Judaism (48 minutes), and how we can be assured of an accurate transmission (58 minutes).
If it sounds like a lot, it is! With even more coming next week in Part 2! In the meantime, email us at with any questions, comments, or topic suggestions.

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