Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Truth & Whiskey #2- Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan & The Need for Content

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BOTB is back after an early spring break and getting ready for season 2. But before that happens, we'd like to share our second Truth & Whiskey episode, the monthly episode where we talk about less intense topics and shoot the breeze a but more in our conversation. This conversation wasn't intended to be this way, but when we turn on the recorder, who knows where we end up!
We ended up discussing a figure in modern history who has made a big impact on our way of thought, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. We hope you enjoy our perspective, and as always, maybe you'll learn something too.
We discuss: the need for content (2 minutes), Aryeh Kaplan (5), the style of the Me'am Lo'ez (28), a little bit on meditation (38), believing in science but not in God (48), the respect you must feel while studying Torah (57), an advanced definition of Free Will (1:01), a little intro to our next topic- bitachon and emunah (1:09).

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